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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Brussels

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Brussels

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type.residence 165 1008/month 523 1158/month
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Brussels is the capital of the European Union and that is why thousands of students and young professionals look for accommodation to rent in Brussels every year.

Brussels is a cosmopolitan city, with a wide range of leisure and culture to enjoy every day. Additionally, it has a quality university education, which is why so many international students decide that Brussels is their ideal destination.

Have you thought about doing the Erasmus in Brussels? Are you looking for a student flat for rent in Brussels? Erasmus Play is here to help you find quality accommodation, free of charge. Find in our search engine thousands of accommodations (rooms, apartments, residences, coliving, etc.) from countless websites.

Student accommodation in Brussels

There are different options for those who are looking for accommodation for rent in Brussels, such as studios for rent, shared flats, rooms for rent, etc. Each option has its particular characteristics, here are the best ones:

Student room for rent in Etterbeek

It is a famous area because it is where the Cinquantenaire Park is located, one of the largest monuments in Brussels. Its excellent connection by public transport makes it a very attractive place to stay. Looking ahead you can find cheap rooms and apartments for rent. 

Apartments for rent in Saint-Gilles

Renting an apartment in Saint-Gilles is a highly demanded option both by young internationals and by the Belgian population. In this area, there are very beautiful places such as the Victor Horta Museum, the Parvis Market, Maison du Peuple, etc.

Accommodation in the European Quarter

In this area is the headquarters of the European Institutions and is an area highly chosen by expatriates who work near these institutional centres. It is a very quiet area and well connected by public transport (metro and bus).

Apartments for rent for students in Ixelles

The Ixelles neighbourhood is one of the city's university neighbourhoods. It is ideal for international students who want to find rental accommodation at a good price. Its location is ideal to move comfortably around the city.

Erasmus accommodation in the centre of Brussels

Living in the centre of Brussels is slightly more expensive than living in more remote neighbourhoods. However, if the monthly rent for the apartment is not too high, we recommend that you locate yourself in this area. Access to compare all Brussels rental prices quickly from our comparison platform.

Shared flats in Brussels

An advisable option, both for those who rent a complete apartment and then look for roommates, and for those who directly want to rent a room and not worry about the rest. Living with other people can be a wonderful experience to learn other languages ​​and enjoy the city making new friends.

Student room for rent in Brussels

Where to find the best rooms for rent in Brussels? Erasmus Play compares on different specialized accommodation websites, so you don't have to. You can easily find rooms for rent from € 350 per month. All of them available for students and young professionals, furnished and equipped according to the needs of this type of person.

Student apartments for rent in Brussels

At Erasmus Play we compare furnished apartments for rent for students and young professionals moving to Brussels, Belgium. Thanks to the Erasmus Play platform, finding the ideal accommodation is no longer impossible. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Set your dates and budget
  • Filter by the characteristics of the house
  • Compare and analyze all the options quickly
  • Book 100% online on the website of our partners

Student flats for rent in Brussels

For people who prefer Living alone and not sharing a flat, there is the option of renting small studios or apartments at reasonable prices. Generally, these types of homes are very much oriented to holiday tourism, however, on our website you will be able to access all the best apartments and studios for medium-term rent.

Erasmus in Brussels

Taking the Erasmus program in Brussels can be wonderful. It is the European capital where thousands of students arrive every year from countless parts of the world. You are going to live wonderful experiences and surely you will make friends from places that you have not yet imagined.

Brussels is a city that offers a wide variety of leisure options, both during the day and at night. 

Some of the most important Universities in Brussels are the following:

  • Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Facultes Universitaires Saint-Louis

Cheap accommodation for rent in Brussels

Cheap accommodation in Brussels can be found if you search early and agree to compare all prices at the time. In Erasmus Play this is already possible, we have grouped in a single website, a wide range of apartments and rooms for rent so that you do not waste time. Using this platform, in addition to saving you search time, allows you to find cheap accommodation in Brussels and make a reservation 100% online.

University residence in Brussels

Many university students prefer to live in student residences, now, what is the monthly price of a student residence in Brussels? Everything will depend on the location, quality and services that are included. But to give you an idea, the price of a student residence in Brussels ranges from € 450 onwards.

Frequently asked questions about Brussels 

Why study in Brussels?

Brussels It is the capital of Europe, a city full of life, multicultural and with quality universities. Without a doubt, we recommend that you make your mobility to Brussels and discover all its charms.

How much does a student apartment cost in Brussels?

In Brussels the average rental price of a room goes from 350 euros onwards. On Erasmus Play, the platform that compares thousands of accommodations for free, you can easily find the ideal accommodation.

How to find cheap apartments in Brussels?

Access the Erasmus Play search engine and quickly compare all available accommodation, apartments, residences and rooms in Brussels for free. Besides, you can make the reservation 100% online after having seen images and/or videos of the apartment.

Where to live in Brussels?

There are different areas of Brussels where you can find quality accommodation at a not very high price. Areas like Saint-Gilles or Ixelles are ideal. In our search engine you can find all the available rooms in Brussels.

How much does a university residence cost in Brussels?

In Brussels there are a great variety of residences for students and university students. Average prices for university residences are 450 euros per month.

Why go on Erasmus to Brussels?

Brussels It is a very suitable city to do an Erasmus: quality of studies, culture, European capital, multicultural city, etc. Thousands of students from all over the world choose Brussels as their ideal destination.

Why share a flat in Brussels?

It is a very good option for those young people who travel to the city of Brussels, since it saves them money in the cost of the monthly rent. There are a wide variety of flats to share in Brussels. Access the search engine and compare them all quickly.