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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Dublin

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Dublin

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Dublin is an ideal destination to learn English, live in a respectful environment and surrounded by wonderful culture and customs. Dublin is presented as the favorite destination of Ireland for those young students and professionals who decide to go to Ireland for a season. The most concerning issue for these people is: how to find accommodation in Dublin? Don't worry about it, we are here to help you and give you some advice to help you find the best accommodation in Dublin.

Student accommodation in Dublin

Dublin is a city with a great diversity of neighborhoods and districts in which to stay. Each one of them has particular peculiarities and hides wonderful corners that only local people know. We bring a list with some of the most demanded areas by students and young professionals.

Room for rent in the center of Dublin

Undoubtedly one of the most prestigious areas of the city, where you will live comfortably in the most emblematic places of the city. The rental prices in this area are usually quite high, so if you don't have a big budget, it is better to look directly in other cheaper zones.

Apartments for rent in Temple Bar area

It is the most famous neighborhood in Dublin and is located in the center of the city. Its streets are full of bars, pubs and it is the place where most of the nightlife of Dublin is.

If you want to feel and live like a true Irishman, this neighborhood is ideal for its location and everyday atmosphere. In it you will find very famous places such as the Temple Bar pub, thestreet Camdem Mile, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Dublin or the Dublin Castle. In addition, it is very close to the all known Trinity College Dublin University.

Housing in Dublin 6

In the 6th district of Dublin you can find rentals at a reasonable price and it is also a very pleasant area to live. Some of the most representative areas are Ranelagh and Rathmines.

Apartments in Dublin 1

Possibly the lowest priced district in the city to rent an apartment or shared flat. Traditionally known as a lower class neighborhood and old houses. It is located in one of the most attractive areas of the city, between the port and the ISFC. 

Rooms for rent on O'Connell Street

O'Connell Street is Dublin's main avenue starting at the River Liffey (O'Connell Bridge) and ending at Parnell Street. It is one of the main tourist attractions since it is one of the main commercial areas of the city. It is ideal to take a walk, walk its streets and visit the main monuments that are housed in Dublin.

Erasmus apartments for rent in Dublin

Every year many young internationals face one of the major problems of their Erasmus experience: Finding cheap accommodation in Dublin.

Without a doubt, one of the most complicated tasks. We know it and that is why we have aggregated in one site all the available apartments in Dublin for you. Access our search engine and compare the best accommodations from all the websites.

University residences in Dublin

Many students look for university residences to live in during their mobility as it is a very good option. Generally, it is usually more expensive than living in a shared flat or renting a single room. Here are some tips to help you quickly find a perfect residence.

  • Access our search engine
  • Set your maximum budget
  • Set arrival and departure dates
  • Filter by residences and compare all prices and services included

Student apartments for rent in Dublin

For all those students looking for university accommodation in Dublin, we recommend looking near the University to save time traveling. There are different types of rooms that you can rent:

Double room in Dublin

These rooms are in high demand and can be either for one person, that is, have a double bed or for two people and be a shared room (two single beds). 

Single room in Dublin

These rooms are characterized by being for one person, with single beds and with all the necessary features to live comfortably during your stay in Dublin.

Shared rooms in Dublin

An option very chosen by young people, since it allows to share monthly expenses such as rent, electricity and water. In addition, it is a very good way to surround yourself and make friends from all over the world.

Frequently asked questions about Dublin

How much does a student apartment cost in Dublin?

In Dublin the average price of renting a room goes from 450 euros onwards. Accommodation located in the city center will be priced slightly higher than in more remote areas. The same happens with accommodations near the Universities.

How to find cheap apartments in Dublin?

In Erasmus Play you will be able to quickly compare all the accommodation, apartments and student rooms in Dublin from the main online platforms.

Where to live in Dublin?

We recommend that you look for a room, flat or apartment for students near the faculty. This will save you time and money on commuting in Dublin.

How much does a university residence cost in Dublin?

In Dublin there are many residences for students. Average prices for university residences are 820 euros per month. Many of them include dining and cleaning services.

Why Erasmus in Dublin?

Dublin is the preferred city for Erasmus students. You can find a wide range of accommodation and select the one that best suits your tastes.

How much time do I look for accommodation in Dublin?

Our recommendation is that you always search before choosing the destination of your mobility, so you can get an idea of ​​what life costs in each city. If you already know that your destination is Dublin, the sooner you search the better, since the best rooms for students sell out quickly.

Sharing a flat with other students in Dublin?

One of the options chosen by young people who move to the city of Dublin is to share a flat due to the cost of student accommodation. In this way they are able to reduce monthly expenses for rent, water and electricity.

How to find an apartment near the University in Dublin?

Erasmus Play, through its personalized University inmaps Dublin, allows you to effectively search for student houses near any University in Dublin.