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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Ljubljana

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Ljubljana

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Have you got everything ready for your adventure in Ljubljana? Do you have a flat yet? Do not worry because the solution is in front of you and in Erasmus Play we are working hard to provide you with enough information before renting a flat for student in Slovenia.

The Slovenian capital has become a great destination for Erasmus and international students from all over the world. It has a great attraction that has surely brought you here looking for information about rentals in Ljubljana.

First, read our recommendations and all the information you should know before travelling to Ljubljana; second, go to our search engine and find your student room at the best price for free.

Student apartments for rent in Ljubljana

The first option you can find to stay in Ljubljana is a rental apartment. The prices in Ljubljana are not expensive and you can find an apartment for yourself or to share from 300 to 500 euros.

There are studios at a very good price in the city, suitable for one person and it is the ideal option for those who do not like to share a flat. You will gain in comfort, although it is true that you will pay more.

Finding student apartments for rent in Ljubljana is also perfect for those colleagues or friends who go on this trip accompanied and who only want to share a stay with each other.

The best bargains are over soon so don't hesitate to book a good rental apartment through our search engine in the capital of Slovenia.

Student room for rent in Ljubljana

As you can imagine, if renting a flat or studio for one person in Ljubljana is not expensive at all, sharing a house with other students is a much cheaper option.

For just under 200 euros you can already find private rooms available to rent in the city and prices can go up to 400-500 euros if we get closer to the centre and opt for better qualities.

Within this type of accommodation, we also have the rental of shared rooms, something that we only see recommended if you travel with a friend or as a couple, since it can be very risky to do it on your own without knowing with whom you are going to have to share the accommodation with.

Student accommodation in Ljubljana

Find your student accommodation in Ljubljana in an ideal location for you and with all amenities close by. Undoubtedly, one of the most repeated options is the one in the city centre, where everything is close by but has the hustle and bustle factor, more noise and perhaps it is not the most ideal place to rest.

Therefore, you should know that there are other alternatives, locating yourself in more remote neighbourhoods but very well connected with the city centre, to be able to go whenever you want and enjoy everything that this European jewel has to teach you.

Apartments for rent in Trnovo

An alternative to the centre is undoubtedly the apartments for rent in Trnovo, one of the most recommended areas to locate you, since it is a very quiet area south of the centre, which we can access after a walk of about 10-20 minutes. Apartment rentals in this area are cheaper and it has a leisure area and restaurants where you can have fun during your stay.

Apartments in Krakovo

The Krakovo district is also located south of the old town and until recently was considered a kind of village. It is an area of ​​great charm, very quiet to live in and just 2 minutes walk from the centre. Its handicap is that it does not have many restaurant areas or shops, so you have to go downtown to find it.

Renting rooms in Ljubljana Center

The good thing about this destination is that even renting rooms in Ljubljana Center can be very cheap and you don't have to give up the convenience of having everything you need close by for this reason. It is the most touristic place, where there is more life and where you can stay when you find a good room rental for students.

Erasmus accommodation in Poljane

Separated by a couple of minutes on foot from the centre we find the Poljane neighbourhood, another of the most recommended when choosing your Erasmus accommodation in Ljubljana. It is a busier area, it has interesting areas of bars and restaurants and here is also the central market, a must if you are spending your student period in Slovenia.

University residence in Ljubljana

The offer of student residences in Ljubljana is not that it is excessively extensive but it is quite good. Depending on the quality and location of the residence, the price will be higher or lower. We advise you to compare all the important features before making a decision.

Frequently asked questions about Ljubljana

What is student life like in Ljubljana?

Although it may seem otherwise, Ljubljana receives a multitude of students, both Erasmus and those who access other types of scholarships. There is a lot of life and it is easy to meet people and participate in activities.

How much money do you need to live in Ljubljana?

Ljubljana is one of the cheapest European cities to study, especially if you have a scholarship. You can easily live without stress with 500-600 euros, although everything will depend on your rent and your pace of life.

How to find cheap student apartments in Ljubljana?

Forget about looking at 1000 different websites and use the Erasmus Play search engine to find a cheap student apartment in the Slovenian city of Ljubljana.

How much does it cost to rent a student flat in Ljubljana?

It will depend on the area in which you are going to move to but you can find them from 300 to 600 euros as you get closer to the city centre, where everything becomes a little more expensive.

Why choose Ljubljana as your ideal destination?

The University of Ljubljana has great prestige inside and outside Europe. In addition, it is characterized by being a very quiet and hospitable city with people who come from outside.