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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Rotterdam

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Rotterdam

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Are you looking for accommodation in Rotterdam? Many students and young professionals move to this Dutch city every year and look for furnished, well-priced accommodation that is well located close to the university or place of work. A positive aspect of Rotterdam is that most of the available offers are within 15 minutes or less of the university.

They say that finding a room or apartment to live in Rotterdam can be a difficult task, but from Erasmus Play we make it easier for you so that you can compare prices and characteristics of different accommodations in the same place. Here we are going to tell you all about the different options you have to live in this city of the Netherlands, so that you can decide which one best suits your needs.

Rotterdam is a multicultural city that surprises with its atmosphere and vitality. The modern look of the architecture causes some to even call it Dutch New York. In addition, the leisure and cultural offer of the second-largest city in the Netherlands makes a large number of university students choose it as an Erasmus destination.

Student apartments for rent in Rotterdam

Finding a rental apartment in the Dutch city is difficult, so we recommend that you start looking for it as soon as possible. There is usually a lot of demand, both from local students and foreign students, so we recommend you decide quickly if you find one that meets all the characteristics that are important to you.

Apartments for rent in Rotterdam start at € 600 per month, although it all depends on the location and the features offered by the apartment itself and the building. As in all cities, the closer to the centre you are, the higher the price.

Student room for rent in Rotterdam

Probably the most common option for students in Rotterdam is to rent a room in a shared flat. The rooms are private, but you will have to share the other spaces such as the kitchen and the living room. Keep in mind that sometimes the bathroom is also shared.

The price of the bedrooms starts at € 300 per month approximately. You can compare different options to choose the one that best suits your needs. Be aware that apartments differ in the features they offer. Almost all include some basic appliances, such as washing machine, microwave, oven, refrigerator, etc.

Another interesting fact to share a flat in Rotterdam is that it is normal to look for apartments in which the people who live together are of the same sex as you, especially in the case of women. You can always ask the owner of the apartment what their conditions are regarding this matter before making the reservation.

Student accommodation in Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam is divided into 21 districts, which in turn are divided into neighbourhoods. Although it seems like a big city, you can easily reach all its corners, since everything is very well connected. You can opt for public transport or to purchase a bicycle, the latter being the preferred one by students.

From Erasmus Play we simplify your search and help you compare accommodations with their characteristics and prices between different online platforms and companies. Choose between the different options, you will surely find the one that best suits your needs quickly!

Apartments for rent in the Kralingen neighbourhood

One of the most chosen neighbourhoods by students in Rotterdam is Kralingen. It is a lively, elegant and cosmopolitan area with well-known sites such as the Kralingse Bos park. In addition, a flat in this neighbourhood will allow you to be very close to the institution if you study at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Apartments in Rotterdam Centrum or the city centre

Finding accommodation in the city centre is always a good option to be located close to all the most important places of interest. In addition, in this neighbourhood you will find the street with the most nightlife in the city: Witte de Withstraat. If you are one of those who does not want to miss anything, maybe this area is the best for you!

Rooms for rent near the Erasmus University of Rotterdam 

This high-level international university is probably the most chosen by foreign students to do their international studies. In fact, it has more than 20,000 students per year. Renting a room near the institution is a good alternative, as it is close to the centre and the beautiful Kralingen Bos park.

Erasmus accommodation in Feijenoord 

This district of Rotterdam is located on the other side of the famous Erasmus Bridge, a little further from the university and the centre. However, it has good connections to both places and accommodation prices can be a bit cheaper, precisely because they are not in the busiest neighbourhoods.

University residence in Rotterdam

Another option for staying in the second largest Dutch city is by choosing a student residence. Universities themselves do not usually offer alternatives on their campus, but there are different sites dedicated to foreign students who come to live in this city.

Each of Rotterdam's student residences offers different amenities. You will find from gyms to free bicycle service, through laundries and common spaces to work and rest. Surely, in Erasmus Play you will find one that suits your needs.

Frequently asked questions about Rotterdam

What is the approximate monthly cost for a student in Rotterdam?
The cost of living in this city, if you decide to rent a room in a shared flat and include food, public transport and some other day-to-day expenses, on average it will be between € 800 and € 1,000 per month. Be sure to take advantage of student discounts offered at a host of locations!
How to find cheap accommodation in Rotterdam?
We recommend that you start your search for accommodation as soon as possible, in order to have the best options. With Erasmus Play you can make a comparison between the wide variety of rooms, apartments and residences available in the city.
How much does it cost to rent a student room in Rotterdam?
A room in a shared apartment in this Dutch city starts at approximately € 300. It all depends on the location, if the bathroom is shared or private and what amenities the apartment includes.
Why study in Rotterdam?
Rotterdam is a city that has a lot to offer. Its multicultural environment makes adapting to the way of life a breeze. It has the largest port in Europe and offers beautiful modern architecture, art, and the most varied cultural and gastronomic offers.
What is the best way to get around Rotterdam?
In this city in the Netherlands you can easily get from one point to another. There is a very good connection by public transport, but the most popular way for students is by bicycle. Of course, also buy padlocks to make it very safe!