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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Valencia

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Valencia

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Valencia is one of the largest and important cities in Spain. Its perfect location on the Iberian Peninsula allows you to enjoy spectacular beaches and a perfect climate, which makes it to be considered one of the main Spanish cities for tourist activity.

It also celebrates Las Fallas in March, an extraordinary regional festival that attracts approximately one million tourists. For all these reasons, a lot of people continuously search for accommodation in Valencia.

Valencia is the third city behind Madrid and Barcelona that receives most students year after year. Students from all over the world, come to enjoy this great region in its fullness. This generates a diverse search for accommodation. Both single rooms for rent, as full apartments for students or even university residences.

Student accommodation in Valencia

One of the great advantages of Valencia is that it welcomes a large number of Erasmus students and still finding an apartment is not a very complicated task, since there are a large number of accommodations available. However, if you want to get the best student accommodation in the city, you will have to look ahead and compare different options before deciding on one.

Accommodation prices in Valencia will depend on whether you want to live alone, that is, rent an apartment for student. Or if you prefer to share an apartment or room with other students.

Student room for rent in Valencia

Every year, thousands of students from all over the world decide to study at a university in Valencia, due to its wide range of studies and the University's prestige. We recommend that you look for your accommodation in the city in advance, since the best apartments for students and residences are booked immediately. Keep in mind that the neighbourhoods near the University are the most demanded by students and therefore their prices are slightly higher. However, it is worth renting a room near the university due to its comfort and good atmosphere on the streets. They are very youthful neighbourhoods, where large numbers of students come from all over the world.

Student apartments for rent in Valencia

If you value being near the University, this is your place. On our platform, you will be able to find a wide network of cheap accommodation for students near the Polytechnic University of Valencia. At all times you will know the distance to the University, we also detail how much it will cost you to get there on foot, by bike or even using transport. UPV students are already using Erasmus Play as a solution tool for their accommodation search problems.

Apartments for students in Valencia

At Erasmus Play we have the best apartments in Valencia for students, many of which are student rentals without bail or commissions. In other words, if you want to rent accommodation around the University of Valencia, you can do it easily, you simply have to put the name of the University in the search engine, the date of entry and exit and set a maximum budget that you want to spend. On the platform, you can find rooms for rent for students according to your needs in a safe way, since all our partners are trusted.

Student flat for rent near the Polytechnic University of Valencia - UPV

We have apartments for students near the Polytechnic University of Valencia, as well as rooms near the University of Valencia, so we recommend that you compare all the offer that we put at your disposal and select the accommodation that best suits your needs.

Apartments for rent in Benimaclet

Benimaclet is a popular neighbourhood for Valencian students and students who are new to the city. It is close to the universities and has great communication and connection with the centre of Valencia. It stands out for its multiculturalism as it is a point of reference among international students, thus becoming one of the favourite places for the younger population to live.

Through our platform, you can book your student accommodation in Valencia with just one click.

University residences in Valencia

If you prefer to live in a student residence, in Valencia there are several options to choose from. Each university residence in Valencia has its own prices, characteristics and conditions that you should know in advance.

However, if you prefer to have more freedom and want to learn to survive on your own, we recommend that you choose to rent an Erasmus accommodation or apartment, meaning, living with other international students like you since this will allow you to fulfil yourself as a person and be more self-sufficient. Therefore, if you decide to look for a residence, be sure of all that it entails.

Universities in Valencia

Valencia is one of the largest cities in Spain, with a large number of inhabitants and also with a large number of Universities. Thanks to this, there are a lot of national and international students who decide to study each year in these academic institutions. Below we detail which are the Universities of the city of Valencia:

Polytechnic University of Valencia

One of the most important universities in Valencia. Many Erasmus students decide to travel to this University every year. The offer of accommodation and shared flats near the UV is very large, so you will only have to compare the entire offer and reserve your ideal accommodation.

Universitat de València

Another of the most important Universities with more students in Valencia. It is very close to the UPV and therefore the neighbourhoods to find accommodation near the University are usually the same. There is a wide variety of apartments for students and the prices are quite affordable, due to its wide range of accommodation

Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir

We have accommodation for students near the University, there are also residences where you can locate yourself.

CEU Cardenal Herrera University

We recommend that you ask the University directly for more information about apartments near CEU Valencia.

Frequently asked questions about Valencia

How much does an apartment for students in Valencia cost?

In Valencia, the average price of a complete apartment starts from 500 euros, but this will depend on factors such as the location and characteristics of the property (elevator, garage, air conditioning, heating, etc.).

How to find cheap apartments in Valencia?

Thanks to the tool developed in Erasmus Play you will be able to quickly compare all the flats, apartments and rooms for students in Valencia. Besides, you can make a reservation in a completely secure way on the website of our trusted partners.

Where to live in Valencia?

We recommend that you look for your study, room, flat, apartment or student residence near the university. This will save you time on your daily commute and you can make the most of your stay in the city of Valencia.

How much does a university residence cost in Valencia?

In Valencia there are different residences for students. The average prices of university residences are 700 euros per month and this will depend on the services included in the residence.

Are you going to Erasmus to Valencia?

Valencia is an ideal city to carry out your international mobility. Here you can find a wide range of accommodation and select the one that best suits your needs.

How long do I look for accommodation in Valencia?

We recommend that you always search before choosing the destination of your mobility, so you can get an idea of ​​what life costs in each city. If you already know that your destination is Valencia, the sooner you look for the better, since the best accommodation, apartments and rooms for students are the first to be sold out. Do not waste time! and find your ideal accommodation as soon as possible.

Sharing a flat with other students in Valencia?

One of the best options is to share a flat with other students or young professionals like you. This will allow you to share rental expenses and therefore, you can locate yourself in the best places in Valencia.

How to find an apartment near the University in Valencia?

Erasmus Play makes it easy for you, thanks to the development of personalized maps for the Universities of Valencia, you will be able to search for your new home knowing at all times how far it is from your faculty. This will save you a lot of time comparing on different websites.